You can find here the questions we are frequently asked about how we take care of your dog.


– Where do you walk the dogs ?

We mainly walk our dogs in various parks of South West London : Richmond, Hyde, Bishops, Chiswick… All walks are tailored to the level of activity that your dog needs.

– How many dogs do you take on a walk ?

We never walk more than 3 dogs per walker to make sure that your dog is fully looked after and that they can play with other well matched dogs.

– How do you carry the dogs ?

I always carry your dog safely in my car, no need to worry about vans and cages.

– Are you insured ?

I am fully insured for dog walking and dog sitting with ‘insurance company name’.

– How do I pay ?

You can choose to pay cash, or just use our app to book your walks and pay with your card on there !

– How much do you charge ?

Check our Services page to know more about our prices !

– What is your app for ?

Our app is specially designed to make your life easier ! It allows you to book walks/stays with us for your dog: choose dates and pay ! Manage and keep track of your bookings, but most importantly receive pictures of your dog during its stay here or during its walk, and receive notifications when we drop it home. Click here to download the app and always keep in touch with your dog.


For any other question not answered here, feel free to contact us.